Calender 2019

31/12/18 (Mon) 11.30 pm Special Service to usher in the year 2019
6/1/19  (Sun) 10.30 am-12 noon Registration of Dhamma School students
28/1/19 (Mon) 8.00 pm Memorial service to commemorate the 33rd Death Anniversary of the
Late Venerable Ananda Mangala Nayaka Maha Thera. All are welcome to join the service.
3/2/19 (Sun) 10.00 am CHINESE NEW YEAR Prayers and offering of Vegetarian Food at the Columbarium
4/2/19 (Mon) 11.30 pm Special Service to usher in the year of the PIG CHINESE NEW YEAR
5/2/19 (Tues)    
7/2/19 (Thurs) 8.00 am-5.30 pm Chinese New Year House Blessings (upon request) by Dhamma School
17/2/19 (Sun) 9.30 am SKEDS Launching
  10.00 am Visit to Old Folks’ Homes (Chinese New Year)
5/4/19 (Fri) 10.00 am Special Prayers at Columbarium – Cheng Beng (Transferring of Merits)
5/5/19 (Sun) 10.30 am-12 noon SKEDS Wesak Art Competition
11/5/19 (Sat) 7.00 pm 7 days Chanting Blessings prior to Wesak Day
18/5/19 (Sat) 10.00 am Special Prayers at Columbarium on Wesak Eve
  7.00 pm Wesak Eve Procession
  11.30 pm Special Service to usher in Wesak Day
19/5/19 (Sun)   Wesak Day Celebration
  9.40 am Pindacara (Offering of alms to Monks)
  7.30 pm Candle Light Procession (within the Temple Premises)
2/6/19 (Sun) 8.00 am Wesak Food Parcels (Distribution to the poor) 
7/6/19 (Fri) 10.00 am Visit Old Folks ‘Chang Festival ‘ – Dragon Boat Festival
11/7/19 (Thurs) 10.00 am Visit Charitable Homes
17/7/19 (Wed) 8.00 pm ESALA FULLMOON – Preaching of the 1st Sermon (DHAMMACAKKAPPAVATTANA
    SUTTA) to mark the Commencement of Vassa Period
3/8/19 (Sat) 9.00 am-
9.00 pm
Special Prayers for Kong Teck (Transferring of Merits)
15/8/19 (Thurs) 10.00 am 7th Moon Prayers at SKE Columbarium (15th day of the 7th Moon)
18/8/19 (Sun) 10.00 am Social Visit to Hospital / Underprivileged children homes, etc
25/8/19 (Sun) 10.30 am SKEDS Special Puja for National Examination
29/8/19 (Thurs) 10.00 am Deity Namo Di Zhang Wang Pusa Prayers at Columbarium area
30/8/19 (Fri) 8.00 pm 63rd  Anniversary of the Planting of the Sri Maha Bodhi Tree
31/8/19 (Sat) 8.00 pm Merdeka Day Service
7/9/19 (Sat) 7.00 pm SKE Mooncake Festival
8/9/19 (Sun) 10.00 am Visit Old Folks – Mooncake Festival 
13/9/19 (Fri) 10.00 am Prayers for Datuk Panchor’s Birthday at Hu Geok Keng Temple, Pokok Mangga
14/9/19 (Sat) 7.30 pm ALL NIGHT CHANTING – To invoke Blessings upon The King, Government
    and People Of Malaysia and World Peace
15/9/19 (Sun) 7.30 am Sanghika Dana Breakfast
12/10/19 (Sat) 10.00 am Old Folks Home Luncheon
17/10/19 (Thurs) 7.30 pm Annual Vegetarian Dinner
10/11/19 (Sun) 9.00 am Kathina Ceremony (Offering of Robes, Alms Bowls and Requisites to the
Maha Sangha)
23-25/11/19 (Sat-Mon)   SKEDS 24th Children Mini Camp
8-14/12/19 (Sun-Sat)   SKEDS 55th Annual Holiday Work Camp
22/12/19 (Sun) 11.00 am Visit Old Folks – Winter Solstice
31/12/19 (Tues) 11.30 pm Special Service to usher in the year 2020

Note: Above dates and time are subject to changes. Besides the above, there are other activities
organised from time to time. Please refer to our notices or call SKE Office to enquire.
Telephone No: 06-2837440 / 06-2868630 Email: