About SKE

The Humble Beginning

Ninety years ago, in the year 1920, a small group of religious minded Straits-Born Chinese, not by chance, but  must be the result of their good deeds in their past lives, brought them together to learn and practise the Teachings of Lord Buddha.   Little did they know that their pious act of gathering regularly around a small bronze Buddha image would eventually grow into a reputable Buddhist Association in Malaysia and some parts of the world known as Malacca Buddhist Association or better known as Seck Kia Eenh. Among the pioneers were the late Mr. Yeo Joay Tee, JP., Mr. Chan Eng Kiat, Mr. Chan Hong Teck, Mr. Chan Chuan Tong, Mr. Seet Lian Seng, Mr. Tan Soo Lock, Mr. Ong Lian Boon, Mr. Tan Meng Tee, Mr. Lim Tong Chiow, and Mr. Toh Seng Watt.

This bronze Buddha image, which depicts our holy Master in the “Asking the Earth to Witness” posture, currently sitting serenely in the main shrine hall, was presented by Venerable P. Ratanatissa, who personally brought it from Rangoon, Burma, now known as Yangon, Myanmar in 1922.

Without a proper premise of their own, the Buddha image that sits serenely in the Main Shrine hall today had to be placed in two different Chinese temples for about 19 years.