CNS (Welfare)

Community and Networking Services

The re-branding of the Welfare Portfolio, Community and Networking Services Committee is headed by the Chairman, Mr. Harry Chew. The Sub-committee comprises of some very dedicated members who have been serving for many years as a great team.  Madam Rosie Lim, popularly known as Auntie Rosie was heading the committee for many years. It was during her time that the various activities took off and helped many less fortunate people with rice, cooking oil, etc. Some families were given cash. Those, sick where helped by way of paying for them their medical charges such as kidney hemodialysis treatment, talasemia, etc

Visit to Old Folks’ Homes in conjuction with Mooncake Festival 2016

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Graduation and Thanksgiving  Celebration by Timor Leste children whom SKE Welfare Dept. had assisted over the years with their monthly needs.









Visit to Old Folks’ Homes in conjuction with Winter Solstice 2016.

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SKE Welfare Sub-committee monthly meeting Jan 2017.



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